What is Social Blend?

Social Blend is a Personal Information Management (PIM) and social network hub software. It syndicates various message sources: emails, BBS, RSS, SNS, web sites, etc. Social Blend is an open platform, anyone can write plugin for it to support additional message format.

What can I benefit from it.

You think viewing messages with different clients annoying? Have you ever dreamed integrating Outlook, FTerm, Web Browser, RSS reader together? Try Social Blend!
  • You don’t need to open lots of message clients (Outlook, RSS reader, BBS term), thus simplifying your operations and saving your CPU and memory.
  • We provide identical viewer and editor for different kinds of messages (emails, BBS posts, web site posts); while individual message clients usually provide different look and feels and operating styles.
  • Integrated management can help you deliver messages across different kinds of sources, for example, you can forward a BBS post to an email address.
  • You can do searching on all kinds of messages at together.

I am a developer. Why should I be interested?

If you would like to implement a certain kind of message client, you can leverage Social Blend’s utilities by implementing a plugin, in this way you can save lots of work.

Your email client sucks! Can you provide features covered by Outlook? And your RSS reader seems not so professional either!

We never want to implement Outlook. Due to time limitation, we’ve only implemented basic email client. If you need advanced features provided by Outlook and you don’t mind pay for it, then go ahead. If you are used to lightweight email clients or even access your mailbox through web, then most probably you will feel comfortable with Social Blend’s email client.
If you are a developer and you feel the default email client sucks, we welcome you to implement one yourself.
In the other hand, the goal of Social Blend project is not to challenge the world’s leading message clients such as Outlook. We are to present a PIM platform that everyone can implement specified message clients. Just as we demonstrated with BBS client and THU online classroom clients, software companies and organizations have no interest of developing these of message clients. So, it is valuable to present a platform for specialized message client developers.

Is it feasible to port Social Blend to other platforms such as Linux?

It’s totally feasible. To achieve best portability, Social Blend is implemented in .NET 2.0 instead of 3.0/3.5. Theoretically, Social Blend can port to any platform with .NET common language runtime. The only effort necessary for the porting is to rewrite part of GUI with native codes or .NET controls, since current Win32 version Social Blend involves some MFC codes to implement part of its GUI.
We haven’t tested Social Blend on platforms other than Windows. We plan to port Social Blend to Linux with Mono.

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